Third Party Consent Form

I, ______________, make the following acknowledgements in respect of Bytestream ICT CC (Registration Number:2004/059271/23) (“Bytestream”), processing of my Personal Information and/or Special Personal Information (“collectively referred to as “Personal Information”), as defined in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPIA):

That I have read and understood the provisions of Bytestream’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy, thereby fully appreciating the manner in which Bytestream may process my Personal Information and for which purpose(s) Bytestream may process such Personal Information pursuant to my engagement(s) with

That by virtue of my engagement(s) with Bytestream, I will provide Bytestream with my Personal Information and Bytestream will in effect be processing such Personal Information provided by me from time to time.

That Bytestream may from time to time, depending on the circumstances, collect my Personal Information from another source other than myself.

That I fully appreciate that Bytestream places a high premium on my privacy, as well as the privacy of my dependents, spouse(s) and/or children.

That I have read and understood the undertakings made by Bytestream in its Data Protection and Privacy Policy to the effect that it will ensure that any and all of my Personal Information shall be processed with a reasonable standard of care as may be expected from

That I fully appreciate that Bytestream will only process my Personal Information in a manner consistent with the provisions of its Data Protection and Privacy Policy, as well as for the purpose(s) set forth therein.

That, in accordance with the provisions of Section 18 of POPIA, I have been provided with adequate notification of the processing of my Personal Information by Bytestream, the scope and purpose(s) for such processing, as well as my rights to object to such processing should I elect to do so.

In light of the above acknowledgements, and in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 11 of POPIA, I hereby provide my specific and informed consent to Bytestream for the processing of my Personal Information, for any purpose(s) legitimately connected or related to any engagement(s) with Bytestream, which purpose(s) may include, but not be limited to the following:

To provide or manage any information pertaining to my commercial relationship with Bytestream and the scope thereof.

To establish my needs and requirements in respect of my commercial relationship with Bytestream.

To allocate a unique identifier to me for the purpose of securely storing, retaining, and recalling my Personal Information from time to time.

For general administration purposes pertaining to my relationship with Bytestream.

For legal and/or contractual purposes and to enable Bytestream to comply with its contractual obligations towards me.

To transact with third parties and transfer my Personal Information to such third parties for the purpose of enabling Bytestream to fulfil its contractual obligations towards me.

To analyse my Personal Information collected for research and statistical purposes.

To transfer my Personal Information across the borders of South Africa to other jurisdictions should it be required in the legitimate pursuit of Bytestream’s business requirements.

To carry out analysis and profiling of my customer profile.

In as far as I provide Bytestream with the Personal Information of any third party, including my spouse(s), children or other dependents, I hereby warrant that I have acquired the consent of such third party to do so and that I am a “competent person” in respect of such Personal Information, as contemplated in terms of the provisions of POPIA.

I hereby provide my consent to the processing of my Personal Information as contemplated in this consent form.