Our data

Offering fresh up-to-date accurate, consumer leads.

The Data Source

The data source has been compiled over a period of 8 years, includes consumer, business, training, insurance, and motor companies, as well as list brokers The database is researched on a 7 monthly cycle to ensure that the quality of the data is maintained at all times. List updates, compares and de-dupes are carried out, throughout the year. The lists are constantly being utilized and updated by call centres and via campaigns, which means that changes and nixies are consistently being updated without having to wait.

Data solutions

List Rentals

Available fields are names and addresses used for mailing or telephonic / fax campaigns – SMS and cellular numbers. These lists are rented by the user FOR A SINGLE USE and may not be added to their own database.

data enhancement

Data Enhancement

Your database will be compared and additional or missing data restored or enhanced to add more intelligence and contact points.


Analytics and Insight

Our Mastery with data and how we profile allows us to pick-up trends and insights against our multiple, enhanced data sets

tailored solutions

Tailored Data Assistance

Mastery and intricate knowledge of our data sets as well as experience in multiple data campaigns, gives us the ability to assist your company on an individual level

additional services

Addtional Services

As an additional service, BYTESTREAM Data will make suggestions, recommendation to the customer on how to make the most out of their direct mail, sms or email promotion and budget.


Outright Purchases

The sale of data without limited usage, clauses.

Our Extensive Data Sets

ByteStream provides high calibre, quality data.

  • Consumer data bases
  • Business to Business data
  • Email data base
  • Cellular contact database
  • Postal Database
  • Car owners
  • Home owners
  • Students
  • Rate payers
  • Access to National Opt Out List        

What Data sets are available to our clients

  1. Cellular make and model database
  2. Deeds database breakdown – Home owners
  3. Vehicle database and breakdown of owners
  4. Consumers with cellular contact, home and work
  5. LSM indicators and employed consumer datasets
  6. Business to business data sets
  7. Deeds latest flagged id’s datasets


SYSTEM Development 

ByteStream specializes in bespoke software and application development services and will design and build your application to suit the exact requirements of your business.

 Custom developed software provides the optimum solution for your business since, unlike off- the-shelf products, it takes your business’s special needs into consideration in design.

Development Services

  • Business Solutions
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development Business Solutions                          

Business Automation

  • Save time by automating and simplifying tasks
  • Achieve more without employing more staff
  • Increase information accuracy
  • Improve overall management of your organisation                          

Database Development

  • Manage your data centrally
  • Set user permissions & control
  • Remote web-based access
  • Reporting & Notifications
  • Data integrity and cleaning solutions

Customized CRM

  • Break all limitations and reach absolute flexibility
  • Maximise staff productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Systems Integration

Automation of the flow of information between software applications helps your company to become more efficient and less costly to run.

Mobile Application Development

ByteStream develops mobile applications that seamlessly link with your company's existing back-end systems. We develop iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and Windows mobile applications and mobile business solutions.

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